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Being a leader at the seafood market in Ukraine, the company suggests the widest assortment of fish and seafood to its partners. The product range includes more than 200 different species of wild and farm fish and seafood, shellfish and marine plants. The products are delivered fresh and frozen.

Flagman Seafood is also involved in processing. It is equipped with the state-of-the-art machinery and equipment from the world leading manufactures. All production processes on the plant comply with the toughest European rules of quality control. The requirements of the HACCP program have been adopted. The plant is certified according to international quality standard ISO 22 000.

The modern storage facilities at Ice Terminal allow the Flagman Seafood company to have appropriate storage conditions for its goods, thereby keeping their quality at high level.

In order to be close to its customers and to satisfy their needs the Flagman Seafood company is developing the direct sales system. Being a supplier, processor, manufacturer and distributor in one person the company has a big competitive advantage. It also allows to control the quality of products at all stages of logistics and distribution.

Today Flagman Seafood has all preconditions for further business development and reaching new business frontiers thus contributing to the development of fish and seafood consumption in the world.