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Refrigerated warehouse "Ice Terminal"


The Ice Terminal complex is the largest and most modern refrigerated logistics facility in Ukraine. It is established in 2009.

Ice Terminal is included into the Book of Records of Ukraine in the category “Business and Technologies” as the biggest and the most state-of-the-art refrigerated warehouse in Ukraine.

Specifications of the facility:

- Convenient geographic location out of town right on the ring road;

- Availability of road and rail access for delivery of goods;

- Warehouse area: 18,000 sq.m;

- Storage capacity - 25,500 tons of products;

- Freezer and Cooler Capacity: 60% are freezers with storage temperature of -25 ° C; 40% - universal facilities with storage temperature from +5 ° C down to -24 ° C;

- The number of dock doors with levelers and seals - 24 pieces;

- The volume of unloading / loading of goods - 1,000 tons / day;

- Modern equipment for loading and unloading of goods;

- Bonded warehouse;

- Ability to store goods in the Bonded Zone TLC;

- 5,000 sq.m area of office space;

- Parking of trucks in the bonded warehouse - 90 parking spaces;

- 24 hours security.

Recently Ukraine has been suffering from the deficit of up-to-dated facilities for temperature control products. The existing warehouse were build during the Soviet times and do not correspond to modern world standards.

The launch of the Ice Terminal allows cutting down the deficit f required refrigerated areas by a third. There are no similar cold storage facilities in Ukraine nowadays.

Ice Terminal is functioning as a logistics operator providing storage and loading/unloading services not only to ISG but also to other clients.