Ікра червона форелі ТМ “Марочна”

Trout caviar "Marochna" TM

Trout caviar "Marochna" TM

Ingredients: trout caviar, salt, sunflower oil, preservatives: E200, E211.

Nutrition facts per 100 g of the product: 
Fats - 15 g, (of which Saturated - 29.74 g), Carbohydrates - 0 g (of which Sugars - 0 g,) Protein - 32 g , Salt - 3.0–3.5 g

Calories (Energy value) per 100 g of the product: 
237,09 kcal, 991,5 kJ.

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Expiration date:
at a temperature from minus 4˚С to minus 6˚С no more than 12 months at relative humidity no more than 75%.
The product is ready-to-eat.